Through-Hole Soldering Methods

One thing that I'm not terribly good at is soldering.  I do it a lot, and I improve every time I work with it.  At this point, I mostly work with through-hole soldering, since it's a lot easier to learn with...and easier to hook up without ordering custom PCBs.


The Coming of the Age of the Maker FPGA Board – Hackster’s Blog

FPGA chips are looking to become more commonplace in the Maker space, which is a definite win for all of us!  The smaller boards are reputed to sell at $12-$18, so that's definitely within the average price range for most projects.  This is what things like the ioLinker from are leading up to. Read… Continue reading The Coming of the Age of the Maker FPGA Board – Hackster’s Blog

That Light Project…

Remember that Camera Light project I did back when? (And the actual prototyping, and the concept?) Yeah, I barely do, either.  It was a while back.  (We've had everything from family emergencies, to illness, to pesky day jobs keeping us hopping around here, with no free time.  Yikes!)  I did hear from a couple of people that the light had a serious problem, in that there was absolutely no need for a microcontroller.

Project: Camera Lighting – Prototyping

Here, I'm going to step through the prototyping process of getting this to work. Step 1:  The Power I like to set up the power component of my projects first, since if that doesn't work, I'm not going anywhere. Using PCBs with breadboards without soldering isn't all that friendly, but you can make it work… Continue reading Project: Camera Lighting – Prototyping