L293D on Arduino (and Steppers)

So one of the more common chips that are used to control DC motors and Steppers is the L293D. It's a really simple chip, that's not too bad to hook up. Used with the Stepper.h library that ships with Arduino it's pretty darned easy to use.


Prototype Build: Camera Light

This may look like a duplicate post, but it's actually something different. This is a step that I sometimes skip, but usually like to do if I have the parts. It's basically a rough build where I can see what mistakes I'm making before I do the "final" build. I look at it as the breadboard prototype is sort of like an outline for a paper that you write. It gives you the basics. The prototype build is sort of a first draft. It is your paper, but it's nowhere near ready to turn in. And then the final build is the finished product...not to say that it still wouldn't be further improved and iterated on, but that's just where the analogy breaks down.