Well, what am I about here at Technology Tinker?

That’s kind of a big question, honestly.  And no, that’s not a cop-out.

I work with technology.  Which is kind of broad.  I love building computers as well as little gizmos that do useful or fun things around the house.  I like to tear things apart to see what makes them work.  I enjoy programming, but in that I’m kind of like a Bard (if you play D&D at all…) where I’m familiar with lots of languages and not a real master of any of them.  I do usually manage to get the job done, though.  I’m becoming (through the process of getting this site, and the associated YouTube site up and running) interested in photography and video production.

I like LEDs.  I like dials and knobs and buttons and switches.  There’s the whole fire! element of soldering, which I admit is kind of fun.  I’m kind of a big kid, in a lot of ways.  I enjoy letting that part of me out and to have free reign at times.

So come along with me, and we’ll have a wild ride around (and sometimes through) the ever-changing world of technology!