IOLinker is Here!

My IOLinker boards from JInvent came in today!  <<Fanboy Squee>>  I’m super excited to see these boards, and can’t wait to work with them!  I’ll have a short “unboxing” type video up soon on YouTube.

If you don’t remember (or haven’t read…shame on you!) this is an FPGA board set up to work with Arduino.  The board itself is 3.3v, so it’ll work with low-powered Arduino boards, or a Raspberry Pi right off the shelf.  The Arduino shield that I got with it does all the level shifting for 5v, and plugs right into an Uno or a Mega.  What it does is pretty cool:  Wiring?  Just wire everything to the IOLinker, and plug it into your Arduino.  Then upload your wiring (essentially) to the IOLinker.  Something doesn’t work?  Re-upload.  Changed out or added a component?  No big deal, just re-upload the wiring sketch.  This is great for prototyping, and in production for modular projects that need to be extensible or support modification, but still needs to fit on an Arduino with its limited inputs.

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