That Light Project…

Remember that Camera Light project I did back when? (And the actual prototyping, and the concept?)

Yeah, I barely do, either.  It was a while back.  (We’ve had everything from family emergencies, to illness, to pesky day jobs keeping us hopping around here, with no free time.  Yikes!)  I did hear from a couple of people that the light had a serious problem, in that there was absolutely no need for a microcontroller.

That’s actually completely correct.  I was trying to generate enough light on throughput out of a microcontroller so that it could be more precisely controlled.  For what I ended up with, it would have been much more efficient (and bright) to have simply used the Powerboost 1000C charger, wired in the switch and the battery, and the output directly to the 10k potentiometer, and run that to the light board.  That would have produced a lot more light output.  Also, if I’d used the right LEDs that are ultra-bright, instead of the standard ones that I put on there.  Oops.

But the reason that I was initially using a microcontroller was perfectly valid.  One of the things I wanted, was to use the same system for studio lighting, where I could have warm white and bright white LEDs, aligned in rows on a board.  And then, by adjusting the brightness of each type, get exactly the color temperature that I wanted.  (I was actually planning, at the time, to do this with Adafruit’s RGB/W neopixels, so that I could really change up the color and temperature.)  And to make this user-friendly, I was planning on having it read the color temperature of what was in front of it, and automatically match it.  The actual “manual control” of the boards would be done from a phone app or something similar.  It would allow for multiple light sources to be adjusted to match perfectly simultaneously.

And that’s what I was trying to accomplish.  But didn’t.  But I did learn quite a few important things along the way.  First, use the right parts!  Secondly, though, is that I’m probably going to need some buck converters to make this run the way that I want it to.  So that part’s no big deal, but it is something that I need to acquire.


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