Review – Adafruit Powerboost 1000c

Check out the video review!

So this is an incredibly easy review to write.  Adafruit makes some great products, and for anyone who makes things that use batteries, this is one of the best of them.  (They do have Basic, and 500c/Basic models as well, for less power)  There are dozens of battery charging solutions out there that you can add to your projects, but this product has more features than any other single solution that I’ve seen.  Now, that said, the price is also significantly higher.  For a tiny project, you may not want to put a $20 part in it.  But if you have a larger project, or one that uses a larger battery, this is my go-to part.


  • Stable 5v Output – inputs can be as little as 3.3v, or higher than 5v (I think 12v, but I don’t have that information with me…check the datasheets and tutorials!)
  • Charges at 1000 mA.  So it’s pretty fast!
    • IMPORTANT!  Do not use this charger to charge < 1000 mAh batteries!
  • Charges safely, changing charging profiles based on the state of the battery and how long the charge cycle has been running
  • Convenient LEDs that show you the state of the board, and of the battery.
  • An “Enable” pin that’s super handy.
    • Pull it to ground to “Turn Off” the board, which means that no power leaves it.  If you are using this as the power supply for your project, it now has an on/off switch.
  • Load Sharing:  You can charge a battery and power your project at the same time.  This is easily the most difficult thing to find on a decent PCB, and it works beautifully here.
  • iDevice Resistors:  You can use this as a charger for any smaller iDevice, including iPads.  No, not Macbooks.

Like I said…it’s hard to find all of that in a single PCB.  I have some others that I got…5 for a little less than the cost of a single one of these.  I’ll be looking at those with you later, but they have only a fraction of these features.

Check out the video review:

Buy on Amazon:  Powerboost 1000c

Check out Adafruit:


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