Review: iFixit Jimmy

Now here’s a simple, short review of a pretty simple tool:  the iFixit Jimmy.

It’s an incredibly simple tool.  Basically, a rubberized grip on a very thin and flexible, yet strong, piece of metal.  The edge is curved to be something resembling a knife blade, but only an inch or so long.

And that’s it.  That’s all there is to this thing.  There are no moving parts, no bells, no whistles.  Which is exactly what makes it great.

This tool is intended to be a prying tool to help you open stubborn electronics and enclosures.  Which I do use it for.  It’s also really good for opening boxes.  It cuts tape and cardboard pretty easily, but it’s hard to cut yourself with it, since it isn’t sharp, just thin.  Now, you can cut yourself with it, and I have…but you pretty much have to be doing something stupid.  (Yes, I was.)  It doesn’t cut like a knife when that happens, more like a thick paper cut.

I seriously use this thing all the time.  I, like I said above, open packages with it.  I pop open the enclosures that I order with it for at least the first time or two, since they never want to open easily on their own.  I use it to pry apart electronics.  I also use it as a spacer, or as a spatula to move things around gently.  And probably easily a dozen other things that I’m not thinking of right now.  It’s just one of those all-purpose tools that you end up reaching for when you don’t have quite the tool that you actually need.  Sort of like that big flat head screwdriver.  You almost never find big flat head screws anymore, but it still gets a ton of use.

Here’s a link to my YouTube video:

Here’s a link to get one on Amazon:  iFixit Jimmy


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