So I’ve been away for a little while

Yep, I have.  Part of that, was working on the next project that I’ll post up here.  I’m not going to do a finish-build on the camera light as of yet, since I ordered the wrong LEDs.  What I’ve got is fine as a proof-of-concept, but it simply isn’t bright enough…because I didn’t get the ultra-bright LEDs.  So until I get that rectified (cheap, I know, I know) I’ll just be moving on to the design of my next project.  I’ve got fritzing diagrams done and the basic code, but I’m really hoping to be able to use a 3D printer to create the body of it.  Yes, it’s another lighting project, but it’s more home-automation oriented.  Also eventually, I’ll be making a ring-light for my camera.

Now, as to the other reason that I’ve been gone for a while.  I’ve been sick, and the medication that they’ve given me has had some rather severe side effects, at least for the past week.  Those are gradually decreasing, to the point that it has only taken me about a half hour to get to this point.  Which is extremely slow for me!  Hopefully, those side-effects will continue to decrease, and will allow me to go back to my day job next week (which is why I can’t order more LEDs right now…even with insurance, health care is expensive if you have no additional income coming in!!)

So over the next couple of weeks, I plan to do a build-up to my next project.  I’ll need to show setting up a Raspberry Pi, setting up Mosquitto MQTT server, and then I’ll start to talk about the project.  Also hopefully within the next couple of months, we should see something from ioLinker, letting us look at their FPGA.  They’ve been shipped to manufacturing, so hopefully not long now.  Since my email address has changed since I wrote that first review, I haven’t been able to get up with Julian to see about an early copy or anything, lol.  (For those that care, we’ve moved mine and my family’s other channels/domains to being just hosting platforms, while our email is handled through GSuite on “”.  Name not my idea.  Also, if anyone knows how to let me send mail as again, please let me know!  I thought that you could just add it, but apparently not anymore.)


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