Video: Storage

Well, I really can’t say enough about storage.  It’s pretty much essential to anybody, anytime.  But for DIYers and Makers, it becomes even more important.  And the more restricted your space is, the more important it gets!  Add in children and animals, and a lack of storage is a cat on fire or a divorce waiting to happen, if you aren’t careful.

I use several storage options, and have plans on more for when I have more room.  This video will talk about how I started out modest, and grew the bit that I have so far, and I go into why I like each individual piece, and how I use it, not just “hey this is cool.”  Though…as an office supplies geek (weird, I know, stop judging me!) I find it cool.

So the YouTube video is HERE.

The Amazon links to the storage containers listed are:

** No cats or children were harmed or set on fire in the making of this video.


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