Project: Camera Lighting

So, for those of you who have been following me since I started this last month (both of you), I’m getting ready to actually begin creating video content, as well as the occasional blog.  I’ve got my camera gear, and most of the equipment that I’m going to need.  One thing that I’m lacking, however, is lighting for those cameras.  (See where I briefly discussed that here.)

So, that’s going to be my first project:  creating some basic lighting for my camera equipment, and finding a way to mount it.

Basically, the idea is this:  mount a breadboard with diffused LEDs on it in the cut-out top of a plastic project box, put a micro-controller, Li-Poly charger, Li-Poly battery, switch, and potentiometer in the bottom part.  Make the switch, potentiometer, and micro-USB port for the Li-Poly charger stick out the side(s) of the box.  Attach to a cell phone mount to attach to a tripod.  Otherwise, it’s an easily portable light box.

Easier said than done, but not too bad.  This is planned to be the cover page for this project.  I will update this from time to time as more of the project gets done, with links to each post/video.


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