ESP8266 WiFi Credentials Without Hard-Code

This is referencing a very clear (and concise) Instructable by witnessmenow about how to use the WiFiManager library for ESP8266 to avoid hard-coding your SSID and password.

He makes some really good points about portability, and that is a really good reason to use this.  As is basic user-experience.  But this is also a good starting point for security.  Especially if you have an outdoor device, like a temperature/humidity monitor, or something along those lines, these little IoT devices are physically vulnerable.  If your credentials are hard-coded in, then it would just take a little bit of not-necessarily-B&E to get hold of them…and then a (obviously) malicious person has complete access to your network!

Security in IoT is something that has been really lacking, in a lot of places.  Thinking of at least the basics could save you some headaches down the road.  It’s a lot easier to plan on security and build it in, than it is to retrofit it!

via Avoid Hard-Coding WiFi Credentials on Your ESP8266 Using the WiFiManager Library


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