ioLinker FPGA Update!

This is sort of a reminder post.  I wrote a more in-depth article about these iolinker boards earlier, and their Kickstarter campaign is set to end, at the time I’m writing this, in 69 hours.  They only need about $700 at this point!  This thing is so close to becoming funded, and a reality.  I just bumped up my pledge a little bit.  It wasn’t big before, and it still isn’t, but every little bit helps when you’re this close.

Some updates:

  • There’s a few new reward tiers for people with more ready cash than I have, but they look great if you want multiple boards.
  • They’ve reached an agreement with Visuino!  This is HUGE news for the Arduino community!  I generally stick with the basic environment, but I’ve really considered getting into the Visuino community in the past.  Their tools look really easy to use, but flexible enough to actually still be powerful.  I’m still considering it, and this is more weight on the side of “jump in” as far as I’m concerned.

In summary:  They’ve improved their offer for these boards.  You can still get one with Arduino adapter for about $50 US.  Works with Visuino.  Almost funded.  Made by a company with actual manufacturing experience, who answer correspondence directly.  This is not likely to be one of those DOA Kickstarters.

So go back them!

via iolinker FPGA boards: Rewire and extend microcontroller IOs by Julian von Mendel — Kickstarter


3 thoughts on “ioLinker FPGA Update!”

    1. Keep watching here…I’ve got one ordered from the Kickstarter campaign, so once they ship, hopefully I’ll be able to review it pretty soon after. I may end up completely over my head, but it’ll at least be fun!


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