Watching Videos and Preparing

Well, we’re almost to the kickoff time.  At this point, I’m doing some self-education on things like YouTube publishing, video editing, etc.  I am woefully under-prepared for this!  That being said, it looks like a whole lot of fun to learn, and I’m planning to enjoy it immensely.  I’d like to take my readers/viewers along for the ride once I get to the point of posting vids, and hopefully elicit some feedback from all everyone else.

I’ll be using a couple of cameras to start off with.  A lot of the face-time with me will be via a webcam (that does 1080p), and then I’ll have a secondary 1080p camera on a tripod.  I’ll have a separate microphone.  All of those items were actually recommended by Video Influencers on YouTube.  And no lighting.  Which is terrible, but that’s actually what I’m planning on making my first on-air project.  The first thing that I want to do is a simple square LED panel, but I’m thinking about using a combination of Pure White and Warm White LEDs, controlled independently of each other.  I have to decide whether to use clear or diffused white LEDs.  I’m leaning towards clear, since the warm white LEDs are also clear.

I’m a big believer in open-source, so expect any code that I create to be stored online via a Git repository.  (Mental note:  set up TechnologyTinker Git repository…)  Now, I don’t have a problem with closed-source projects and software, but I really like the give-and-take of open-sourcing something.  Now, with that being said…I suck at Git management.  So…expect massive screwups along the way with that.

I’ll be ordering some of the items that I need to get this going by the end of the month.  My son has a build that he wants to try (a lamp) and maybe we’ll put that up too.  While I do a lot of my parts sourcing through Amazon (easy and fast shipping if you’re a Prime member) I actually do order from some other places.  A lot of the parts that I use are from @Adafruit, and I generally try to find their things on Amazon through an authorized reseller, like Chicago Electric or something.  For LEDs and other fairly cheap stuff, I tend to go cheap.  If it gets here in two days, I don’t much care where it’s from…until I get burned, and then it goes into the category of “I need to think about where to get this.”

I’ve mentioned several companies and such in this long and rambling post, and I’d like to break those down and send you straight to them here:

  • Video Influencers:  Great channel for how to create and grow a YouTube channel.
  • ThinkMedia TV:  Not mentioned specifically, but I think that I actually got the recommendation for the cameras and such from this channel.  Sean Cannell is on both of them, so I get them confused sometimes.
  • Adafruit:  I just really love this company.  Their YouTube channel is great too (lots of Live events!) and the products are really top-notch.  Lots of tutorials and open-source libraries.  If you use Arduino, you’re going to want to know this place!
  • Amazon:  Do I really need to tell you about this one?

1 thought on “Watching Videos and Preparing”

  1. […] So, for those of you who have been following me since I started this last month (both of you), I’m getting ready to actually begin creating video content, as well as the occasional blog.  I’ve got my camera gear, and most of the equipment that I’m going to need.  One thing that I’m lacking, however, is lighting for those cameras.  (See where I briefly discussed that here.) […]


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